The Mother of the Nazi is Still Alive

Bro Cristóvão Oliveira Silva, nds

On January 27, the International Holocaust Memorial Day was celebrated. Events marked the date in Israel, in the United States and in several places in the world, and millions of people published in their social networks with the hashtag “We remember”.

The so-called Holocaust refers to the Nazi persecution of Jews during World War II, which cost the lives of millions of them. The term “Holocaust”, however, has been replaced by another, “Shoah”, which in Hebrew has the meaning of “complete destruction” or “calamity.”

The Shoah was undoubtedly one of the saddest chapters of twentieth-century history, of the history of Europe and even of the Jewish people. Recalling such a sinister fact is important for collective awareness so that a “not again” can be imprinted on the minds of all.

However, if such a horrible event is not to be repeated, it is necessary that its historical agents must not be present on the contemporary stage. Now, Nazism, which was the perpetrator of the Shoah, no longer exists as a relevant historical agent; however, the mother of Nazism is still alive and continues to make millions of victims.

The Nazi ideology germinated, grew and bore fruit in the context of the ideological currents of modernity. Only under the influence of philosophical ideas such as subjectivism and relativism, Nazi monstrosities could be executed without causing in their agents the least moral or conscientious questioning.

According to the ideas of subjectivism, there is no possibility for the human being to have a real contact with objective reality; the entire cognitive experience is nothing more than mental representations of which one can not have any guarantee that they correspond to the reality itself. Therefore, if there is no access to objective truth, there can be no external moral law that compels the behavior of the human being; therefore, good is what one considers good, and evil is what one considers evil; in one word, relativism.

The Nazis sent millions of Jews to concentration camps and gas chambers and considered it a good thing.

As stated, although Nazism is no longer a historical agent, its mother, the ideologies of modernity, is still alive, more active than ever, determining and influencing contemporary history.

Nazism, which considered Jews as nonhumans, no longer exists, but millions of people were led to believe that babies in their mothers’ wombs are not human either and that they can be killed and thrown into garbage bins.

According to the website Life Matters TV, since 1980, more than 1,483,617,004 babies have been aborted. Only this year more than 3,700,000 babies worldwide were clinically removed from the womb of their mothers and thrown into trash cans. The website combines data from several surveys and even from figures released by the abortion clinics themselves. Since 1980, the number of human beings murdered in the womb is equivalent to 247 holocausts.

Abortion is such a serious sin that the Law of the Catholic Church automatically excommunicates (latae sententiae) all those Catholic women who come to practice it and all those who participate in it or who are in some way accomplices (can 1398). The frightening numbers of induced abortions committed annually on the whole earth can only lead to a deep consternation and to the conviction that the wrath of God is about to manifest. Consider, for example, Gen 6: 5 – 9, 27, the story of the flood, in which the corruption of the whole earth results in a universal cataclysm in which the entire human race is destroyed, with the exception of Noah and those who are with him in the ark. The theological principle expressed therein is clear: world corruption calls for a punitive divine action.

A counter in the website Life Matters TV counts one by one the number of victims of abortion over the world.

The insensitivity to the tragedy of abortion, even among us Christians, can only be explained by the very fact of subjectivism and relativism. It seems that people are numb with the false conviction that truth and good are what they deem to be truth and good; when, on the contrary, truth and good are what God declares as such, and that our own reason has the ability to recognize.

Inscription on a wall of a Brazilian university: “kill the Christians” – an example of how subjectivism-based societies can become full of hatred.

The similarity between Nazism (or any other totalitarian system) and abortion is not merely aesthetic. Just as a totalitarian state arrogates the right to decide for the death of any individual within it, so also a woman arrogates the right to decide for the death of the baby in her own womb. Just as the abortionist deems the baby as “my body” or “something strange”, so totalitarian states also regard individuals as something which belongs to them, which can be exterminated if it seems necessary. Abortion is the perfect symbol of totalitarianism, and totalitarianism is the application of abortion on a political scale.

The victims of subjectivism and relativism 75 years ago were the Jews; nowadays they are the unborn babies. And it will not be a cause of stupor if some people come forward demanding the right to kill the elderly parents or that a down syndrome bearer is declared nonhuman and therefore need to be exterminated.

As long as these ideologies are in force, another Shoah can happen again at any time, and against any social group. I do not have any illusions on that.