215 million Christians under persecution

Every year, the non-governmental organization Open Doors publishes a report that ranks the 50 countries with the highest intensity of anti-Christian persecution in the world. According to the list, 215 million Christians are living under persecution, which is equivalent to 1 in 12 Christians in the world.

The list ranks the persecution in those countries according to 4 levels of intensity, in a scale that goes up to 100 points: extreme (81 to 100), severe (61 to 80), high (41 to 60) and varied (below 40). Persecution is measured up taking into consideration 5 kinds of oppression agents [family, community, nation], and 2 kinds of victims [individual and Church].

In 2018, countries with extreme persecution are the following: North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, and India.

Countries where there is severe persecution: Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Nigeria, Syria, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Laos, Jordan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Brunei, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Turkey, Kenya, Bhutan, Kuwait, African

The survey also points to the major ideological sources of persecution. In a list of 50 countries, radical Islam appears as the leading ideological cause in 33 nations; Communism appears as the main cause of anti-Christian persecution in 4 countries: North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, and China.

Radical Islan is the number one persecutor of Chistians nowadays.

The most anti-Christian country in the world is North Korea, which has been topping the list for 16 consecutive years.

Curiously, even Christian-majority countries appear on the list, such as Mexico and Colombia, ranked 39th and 49th respectively. In both cases, the agent of persecution is organized crime.


“If a member suffers, all members suffer with him …” 1 Cor 12, 26. The Church is the family of God on earth. Let us not fail to accompany our brothers and sisters with the help of our prayer.