Who are the Antisemites Today in Europe?

In June 2017, the Center for Holocaust Studies and the University of Oslo published the results of a survey conducted in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia, which sought to identify the profile of people who commit anti-Semitic acts (violence and threats). The research was conducted by Professor Johannes Due Enstad of the University of Oslo and is published on the websites of the respective institutions.

Jews in these 6 countries were approached with the following question: Thinking about the incident where somebody attacked or threatened you in a way that frightened you because you are Jewish – who did this to you?

According to a chart published in the final text of the survey, Muslim extremists represent the majority of the perpetrators in France, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. France and Sweden lead the ranking with 53 and 51 percent, respectively. In the United Kingdom and Germany, Muslim extremists account for 36 and 34 percent of cases of violence and threat against Jews simply because they are Jews.

Other profiles, however, appear in the search. Leftists represent the second leading source of anti-Semitism in the countries where the survey was conducted. In Sweden and France, for example, 25 and 18 percent of anti-Semitism cases are committed by left-wing supporters. Only in Germany, however, right-wing supporters outnumber leftist anti-Semitism: in Germany, rightists are responsible for 11% of anti-Semitism, while leftists are 9%.

A chart in the survey showing the agents of anti-semitism

In the United Kingdom and France, extremist Christians account for 6% and 3% respectively of anti-Semitism (threats and violence against Jews because they are Jews).

Russia appears, according to the survey, as the country with the lowest rate of anti-Semitism. From 2005 to 2015, only 33 incidents were recorded for a population of 190,000 Jews.


Since the Second Vatican Council, as a fruit of the Council itself, the Catholic Church has endeavored to make the faithful aware of how anti-Semitism is in opposition to the love and mercy of the Gospel.