celebrating life


There are trees that when blooming become so dazzling that it is impossible to contemplate them without thinking of the invisible spiritual realities of the faith.

Symbolic and spiritual trees are found in many passages in the Sacred Scripture.

In Genesis, there are those special trees, that of knowledge of good and evil, and that of life, whose splendor, we can conclude, should have surpassed that which was the cause for Eve’s fall.

In the Psalm One the righteous who meditate day and night on the Lord’s Torah are compared to a tree planted along torrential, bearing fruit in all seasons and whose foliage never dries.

In the Gospel, a man, before being full restored, affirmed that he saw men “as walking trees.” In the Apocalypse, the Tree of Life reappears with its leaves for the healing of the nations.

6th of May 2017, one of the magnolias in the garden of the Arc en ciel, especially on account of the place it occupies, standing imposingly and victoriously on a circular flowerbed of about two meters, where other flowers and plants are like happy subjects of such a splendid queen, by the whiteness of its sun-drenched flowers, radiates light and beauty all around, and thus becomes a living sign of the spiritual beauty that adorns, and integrates, the Church, the house of the living God.

Perhaps through the beauty of the magnolia God is telling us, on this day of the celebration of the Passover of Father Afonso-Maria Ratisbonne, that the tree of Sion is still alive, that its roots continue to penetrate the soil of the Divine Flesh of Christ, that the branches of her History continue to extend, and that the flowers of her gifts are now more beautiful than ever.

6th of May 2017, 133 years ago the soul of Father Alfonse-Marie Ratisbonne ascended into Heaven through Mary’s immaculate hands. This is not a memory of a death, but of life, a life that became eternal in Heaven with God, a life that became eternal also on earth in the work of Sion.