I believe in the resurection, in the mercy of God, in the ternderness of Mary and in life eternal.

Father Alphonse Ratisbonne

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The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Trust in God and Be Blessed Sr Thérèse Fitzgerald, nds | Dublin, Ireland After Jesus calls the apostles (6:13), we don’t have a commissioning in Luke; we simply hear that Jesus accompanies them (6:17) and the people gather to hear Jesus and be healed, ‘for power came out from him and healed all of them’ (6:17-19). Then, Jesus addresses his disciples (6.20). This raises two points: (1) We as the reader may now decide whether we too are disciples and, if so, how do we hear these words and how do they affect us? Indeed, when we read the consequences

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The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Brother Tiago Rangel Cardoso, nds Dear sisters and brothers, we are celebrating the fifth Sunday on the ordinary time. It is Ordinary not because there is no festive or special motive to celebrate. On the contrary, during this liturgical period the reading picks focus on Jesus’ life and ministry in order to enrich and remind us of the commandment and mystery we celebrate in the Mass: do this in memory of me (Lk 22: 19, 1 Cor 11: 24- 25). Differently from the last and next weekend’s first readings, that are taken from the prophet Jeremiah, we are meditating this

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Profession of First Vows

In the Mass of the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, on this last 2nd of February, four novices of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion pronounced their first vows, thus engaging in a commitment of 3 years in the Congregation. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Monastery of St. John in Montana, known simply as “Ein Kerem”, the name of the village in which it is located. The new sisters are: Lúcia de Fátima, Brazilian; Maria O. Malau, Indonesian; Nancy Mena and Andrea Chacón, Costa Ricans. The ceremony was attended by Sisters and

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215 million Christians under persecution

Every year, the non-governmental organization Open Doors publishes a report that ranks the 50 countries with the highest intensity of anti-Christian persecution in the world. According to the list, 215 million Christians are living under persecution, which is equivalent to 1 in 12 Christians in the world. The list ranks the persecution in those countries according to 4 levels of intensity, in a scale that goes up to 100 points: extreme (81 to 100), severe (61 to 80), high (41 to 60) and varied (below 40). Persecution is measured up taking into consideration 5 kinds of oppression agents [family, community,

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The Mother of the Nazi is Still Alive

Bro Cristóvão Oliveira Silva, nds On January 27, the International Holocaust Memorial Day was celebrated. Events marked the date in Israel, in the United States and in several places in the world, and millions of people published in their social networks with the hashtag “We remember”. The so-called Holocaust refers to the Nazi persecution of Jews during World War II, which cost the lives of millions of them. The term “Holocaust”, however, has been replaced by another, “Shoah”, which in Hebrew has the meaning of “complete destruction” or “calamity.” The Shoah was undoubtedly one of the saddest chapters of twentieth-century

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Who are the Antisemites Today in Europe?

In June 2017, the Center for Holocaust Studies and the University of Oslo published the results of a survey conducted in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia, which sought to identify the profile of people who commit anti-Semitic acts (violence and threats). The research was conducted by Professor Johannes Due Enstad of the University of Oslo and is published on the websites of the respective institutions. Jews in these 6 countries were approached with the following question: Thinking about the incident where somebody attacked or threatened you in a way that frightened you because you are Jewish – who did this to you? According to

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Paul, the Jew

  In this last conference of this season wholly dedicated to the Theology of the apostle Paul, Br. Élio Passeto makes a sum up and presents his point of view on the question. 

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John G. Gager and the Reinvention of Paul

  Lecture based on REINVENTING PAUL – JOHN G. GAGER – chapters three and four Presented by Fr. Carlos Alberto da Rocha Vasconcelos, nds According to Franz Mussner1, Paul developed his teaching about the law and justification not against Jews, but against fellow Christians! For the most parts, this is ignored by Christian interpreters of Galatians, even though this observation provides the hermeneutical Key to understanding the letter. Galatians typifies the circumstances under which Paul wrote all of his surviving letters. In modern terms, we would call them attempts at damage control. The matter of fact does not impose on

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  CHRISTIAN CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES – RATISBONNE / RESHIT DAAT SEMINARS / (continuing the Reflection on Paul’s Thought of Justification & Other Interesting Topics of Romans) / 19th of October 2017 / THE JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH AND “ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED” – THE INTERPRETATION OF KRISTER STENDHAL Br. Cristóvão Oliveira Silva, nds The chain of ideas that we are going to show in the following paragraphs is a recollection of arguments taken from Krister Stendhal, former bishop of Stockholm, Church of Sweden, as he presented them in two books of his authorship. The first one is “Paul among

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